Cooling Tower Chlorination

Cleaning and chlorination of cooling towers

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Cooling Tower Chlorination

Cleaning, chlorination and sampling

Cooling tower cleaning is a specialist skill that should only be performed by trained opertives. Cooling towers can harbour and breed Legionella bacteria and it is important that when cleaning a cooling tower that these bacteria are effectively removed.

Prior to any cooling tower cleaning takes place it is important that the cooling tower is rendered safe with an effective pre-chlorination. If performed correctly this ensures that no Legionella bacteria exist within the cooling tower and the tower can be safely cleaned.

Cooling towers are generally only shut down and drained for cleaning and it is important that a full inspection of the cooling tower is carried out to highlight any damage or detrioration in order that repairs can be scheduled.

When cleaning a cooling tower all removable parts should be safely removed and the parts should be cleaned in a way that ensures Legionella is not spread. All side intake louvres should be removed, drift eliminators and access hatches should be removed. The fill pack should be removed and this should be cleaned seperately.

If the cooling tower fill pack cannot be removed easily then additional steps must be taken. The cooling tower fill pack should be examined internally with an endoscope to check for dirt and contamination. Should dirt and debris be found then an in-situ foam cooling tower clean should be performed. This passes a dense foam through the fill pack to ensure all areas of the fill pack are contacted by the cleaner. The fill pack is then re-examined by endoscope to ensure it is clean.

Once the cooling tower is clean it is re-assembled and disinfected again to ensure no bacterial contamination remains. The cooling tower is then re-instated with correct corrosion inhibitor and biocide before bringing it back into service

Our highly trained staff are able to perform the full cooling tower cleaning service.

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