Mains Chlorination

Chlorination of new lay mains pipes

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New Lay Mains Chlorination

Cleaning, chlorination and sampling

We can provide cleaning, disinfection and sampling of new lay mains pipework from 20 mm to 200 mm prior to connection to a water authority mains supply. We can work on anything from short lengths of new mains alone to new mains and full building disinfection prior to connection and handover.

We provide chlorination certificates at the time of work and provide full microbiology results from an independent laboratory approximately 5 days later.

Our work meets all water authority specifications such as:

  • Flushing/Swabbing
  • Chlorine Level
  • Chlorine Contact Time
  • Microbilogical and chemical analysis

We use specialist equipment to ensure accurate and consistent chlorine dosing to all of the ingoing water whilst ensuring no possibility of backflow contamination.

In order to provide a competitive quote we need the following information:

  • Size and material of incoming pipe
  • Details of any connected water services
  • Approximate number and type of outlets
  • Size and number of any water heaters/cylinders
  • Any working restrictions such as access or working hours
  • Local water authority details and any provided specification
  • Access and parking for vehicles
  • We also need good unrestricted access to a good quality water supply or a hydrant

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