Water Services Chlorination

Cleaning and chlorination of water services

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Water Services Chlorination

Cleaning, chlorination and sampling

Water services can, over time, become contaminated with high levels of bacteria, including Legionella. Areas of low use and/or low flow pressure can present issues both with water hygiene and taste and also Legionella control.

We provide a full disinfection service to clean the entire water system including all pipework, outlets, storage tanks and water heaters. You are assured of a high quality water supply once the disinfection has been carried out and any Legionella bacteria present are removed.

We can provide, if required, an out of hours service to minimise disruption on site and all our work is carried out with safety as the paramount concern. All outlets are labelled to warn users of the disinfection process and all pipework is fully flushed prior to handing back the system.

We provide a chlorination certificate at the time of the work detailing the work carried out, the disinfectant used and the contact time of the disinfectant. We also provide a full microbiological report of the water to ensure effectiveness of the disinfection.

In the event of a highly contaminated system we can utilise a combination of disinfectants to ensure that bacterial biofilm is removed from pipes to ensure cleanliness.

To provide a competitive quote we need the following information:

  • Size and material of any incoming mains pipe
  • Size and material of any water storage tanks
  • Size and number of any water heaters/cylinders
  • Approximate number and type of outlets
  • Any working restrictions such as access or working hours
  • Access and parking for vehicles
  • We also need good unrestricted access to your water supply

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